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Setting Myself Free: My Journey Through Emotional Abuse

He worked to convince me that what he was doing was normal. It’s time for me to stop blaming myself for falling for it.


Give Young Actors a Chance. Please.

Let’s stop looking for the next John, or Clint, or Jack. The times are changing, so let’s embrace them.


Am I Gay Enough?

First I was too gay. Then I wasn’t gay enough. Somewhere in the middle, I’m finding myself.


5 Books You Must Read If You Want To Hang Out With Me

To those who are endlessly surfing Netflix for something that will keep your attention: try bingeing one of these.


I Don’t Have a Father

I have a lot of examples of what kind of man not to be. And that doesn’t mean I’m going to become them. On the contrary.


20 Things My Mom Taught Me About Being A Man

She’s a warrior. She’s a goddess. She’s a single mom. But I repeat myself. Here’s what she’s taught me (abridged).